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"You don't stop playing because you grow old,
you grow old because you stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw

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For those competitors, who will be participating in the Mesquite Senior Games for the first time in 2024,  you will be charged a Registration Fee in the amount of $30.00 at the time of Registration and will receive a t-shirt at the time of Check-in.

Note:  For those competitors that participated in the 2024 Spring Mesquite Senior Games , you will not be charged a Registration Fee for the Fall Games and you will not receive an additional t-shirt at Check-in.

The Registration Fee helps defer some of the administrative costs associated with presenting the Games each year and we thank you for your understanding and participation.

Welcome to the Mesquite Senior Games

Pool Play schedules for Women's Softball April 6-7, 2024 will be posted on our softball page. Click here to go to the Softball page.
Some of you have been inquiring as to what to do with your old medals, could you donate them back? Mesquite Senior Games would welcome the return of the medals you no longer want to collect. If you are competing this year, just bring them to your next event. If you are not competing, please call us at (702) 345-3347.
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Be alerted about new competitions and what's happening! 
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