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  • Amy Bradshaw

TLC "for your home (or cat)" Lindi Corp

Most all businesses say they have great customer service. It's an easy claim to make but a whole lot harder to prove in real life. No one ever said great customer service is easy and it takes a special company to actually give great customer service day after day after day. It takes hard work, time, patience, and a mindset that understands that great customer service is just as important (and sometimes more important) as the goods or services that company sells.

Lindi Corp is one of those businesses that gets it. They care about our community and its people. Actually, they care about more than just our people, they are apparently cat lovers, too. You see Lindi Corp once received a call from a guy here in town who had been hearing the plaintive meowing of a cat in his garage for a couple of days and finally found a kitten wedged behind his hot water heater. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't reach the cat to free it. The little feline wouldn't make it much longer without food or water. The hot water heater had to go.

So the home owner called Lindi Corp and owner, Paul Chandler and his crew came out. After accessing the situation they got to work. After unhooking the the large heater and moving it out, the kitty was freed at last! Paul's job wasn't done yet and they had to move that giant of a hot water heater back into place and reconnect it. All in a day's work, right? Everyone was smiling at the great rescue but the homeowner's smile got even bigger and brighter when Paul Chandler told him there was no charge for the service call. That's one good deed that won't be forgotten soon.

Next time you need air conditioning, plumbing, or appliance service (or maybe a cat rescue) give Lindi Corp a call and let them show you what TLC customer service is all about!

Lindi Corp - Gold Sponsor for Mesquite Cornhole Fest April 17, 2021. Thank you for your support!


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