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  • Beth Ann Caplinger

MSG Acquires an AED

Mesquite Senior Games (MSG) has acquired an AED (automatic external defibrillator) for our events. Arlene Waite was a former Mesquite resident and philanthropist and even after her passing, she continues to contribute to the City of Mesquite, its residents and visitors.

We made it a goal this year to obtain an AED for the benefit of our participating athletes and our volunteers. All of our athletes and 95% of our volunteers are over the age of 50. As seen by recent national events, age is not always a factor in cardiac arrest. MSG decided to earmark the monies collected from our50/50 raffles to purchase this item.

The MSG Board agreed that an AED was a much-needed item to have at our games. The City of Mesquite Athletics and Leisure Services Department has several units available at most of their sports fields. And we commend them for that. However, MSG also utilizes the City’s Pickleball Courts, the Virgin Valley High School sports fields for track & field, the Smokin’ Gun Club in Arizona for shooting events and Sun City Mesquite for our bocce & putting events. An AED was not readily available for these events.

At our Winter Holiday bowling event in December, a participant approached MSG board members and was asking questions about the AED, how beneficial it would be and the cost. This participant then offered to donate the difference from the cost and the amount that was collected from the raffle.

The AED was donated in memory of Arlene. We greatly appreciate this donation and thank those responsible for making this happen. We will be obtaining an name plate to place on the AED to honor Arlene.


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