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  • Ruby Sviontek

I Found the Fountain of Youth!

The good news is it’s right here under our noses in Mesquite! That’s right, the key to staying young is here in Mesquite, Nevada. Just look around at the active lifestyle our town has to offer at the Rec Center, Senior Center and Mesquite Senior Games to name a few. I’m constantly amazed when I find out someone’s age and they look 10 years younger. Where I’m from if you hear someone is 80 years old you feel bad as more than likely they are housebound and/or can barely function. Here in Mesquite 2 of my classes at the Rec Center are taught by 80+ year old ladies who can run circles around me. I’m so encouraged and happy to know that being a senior doesn’t mean I have to slow down and do nothing. So drink from the fountain - Keep moving, keep active and you’ll stay young.


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