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  • Elaine Rebele

10 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Beyond Your 50’s

1.) Start by losing weight – When you reach your 50s, you’re at a higher risk of illness, especially if the weight is all in your middle.

2.) Focus on nutritious food - A good meal is 10% healthy fats, 20% protein and 70% complex carbohydrates.

3.) Focus on five small meals a day spread out meals every three hours or so throughout the day.

4.) Add more exercise to your routine - adding a little extra exercise such as a walk helps a lot. 5.) Try to get more sleep - When you sleep, your immune system has a chance to work.

6.) Manage your stress levels - Meditation and yoga are powerful ways to manage stress.

7.) Get social – Its hard in these current quarantine times but even virtual social interactions can help your mental health.

8.) Add some supplements to your diet – Check with your doctor to see if you have a vitamin deficiency especially if you have any underlying medical conditions.

9.) Fill your empty nest – If the kids have moved away, why not adopt a pet or find a local volunteer activity to keep you fulfilled.

10.) Keep Learning – Find a new hobby or take a class!

Studies show that the older people get, the more content and satisfied they are. People in their 80s report being more satisfied than people in their 70s. So, let’s all look forward to the future. It could be a time of great health and happiness.

Health and nutrition information in these posts is not a substitute for advice given by your healthcare professional. Please consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in changes in exercise or nutritional practices.


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