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If you are a Team Captain seeking Players, or a Player seeking a Team .. leave your name, age, desired tournament, and contact info in the comments, so that the Team Captain can contact you.

  1. Hello Can/Am team coaches & players,

    Looking to play with either a 55 or 60 team, I live in St.George, and like most on this board will also be playing the following week at the HWSG. Outfield/Infield.

  2. Looking for a 65 team in the Can/Am 2nd Rover Outfield I live in St George.

  3. I am looking for a team 74+ to play with in the Mesquite Can-Am tournament in October. My team is playing in the Huntsman tourney the following week. I can play most positions, but not pitcher.

  4. Hello. I am hoping to join a team for the Huntsman games. I am 62 and have played a lot of ball on very successful teams including seniors. I play OF and pitch. Thanks

  5. Looking to join a 75/70 team for the Can/Am Games in October. Outfielder, good speed and range with tournament experience. I’ll be playing in the Huntsman Games the following week.

  6. I am looking for a 70+ or 75+ team to join for the Can-Am tournament later this year…I am playing with the Bulldogs in the Huntsman games following this tournament…

    • Reply to: jbjtax1@verizon,net or 301-645-5745…..

  7. I’m 50 and been playing every since I was 11years old I started playing with Fernhill League since I was 17 and I had the best coach Ever his name is Carl Jenkins Better known as Sonny Well he died So I started a Sunshine award in his name Fernhill League close down for about 10 years and the League reopen 3 years now and last year I decided to bring Sonny team back Sunshine and i must say coming in 4th place wasn’t bad for my first year team But I want to know how it feel to be in first place team that I build

  8. I’m looking for players in the Philadelphia area To play on My team “Sunshine” for the summer The league is Fast Pitch The Summer league is Fernhill Women’s Softball league and teams are all welcomes My name is Chevelle Cooke My #2677091579

  9. Hello,

    Managers, Coaches, Teams, & Players, looking for Men Softball Players.

    I have played softball my whole adult life. I prefer to play 1st base if possible. I am 6″2″ 195 pounds & can still stretch out to catch the softball. I am also a place hitter & can usually get on base. The last team I played for finished in last place the year before I got there. The year I played with the team we finished in first place & we won the championship in the San Jose, California, Men’s Slow Pitch Softball League. Thank you for reading my request to play softball.


    Gregory S. Heiny

  10. I’m looking for 3 lady for a co-ed team on Tuesday nights in Mesquite Tx.Our season Starts October 8th 2017. Practice on Sundays at 5pm. Contact coach Hall at 972-750-066

    • Just so you know, this is for the Mesquite Senior Games in Nevada. 🙂

  11. Would like to play for a 60 or 65 team for Cam Am.
    Can play any where but better infielder. Good single hitter with a little pop. Good team player. Live in St George Area. Can call me @719-331-4123 or E-Mail me at

  12. I am 74, in pretty good shape, play 2nd base, bat around 600. Our senior travel league season just ended. One or two more tournaments would be good, Mesquite and/or St. George. I don’t have to play every inning, and I don’t mind catching, or any other position, if needed there for an inning or two. If you can use me on your team, let me know. Thanks.

    • Are you on a team yet? We’re from the Seattle area & would like another player.

      • yea sure, what age group? I am 65 can play in 65 or 60 & 55. Patrick Sullivan 435-272-7798 listed above.

  13. Looking for a 65+ team to play with in the Can-Am games October 7 & 8. Will play any position except pitcher. Currently playing with ‘Major’ team in Las Vegas Worlds and Huntsmen Senior Games. Live in the St George, Utah area, dual US/Canada citizen so the Can/Am games are special to me.

  14. I have always played major plus. will be playing 70 major plus (venom,fla team)this year in vegas. coming to mesquite and then to huntsman games. looking for a team to play in mesquite I am shortstop outfield or whatever you need I think you will be satisfied run good throw good. again always played major plus since I was 50 teams I have played with (flordia crush (ed rose-david reed team) hamel-superior (don clatterbaugh team) please let me know if interested call or e-mail 859-991-6168

  15. Looking to play on a +60 team in Mesquite games Oct 7/8. I’m 62, play First and Pitch. Base hitter. Playing in +60 age Group in Huntsman, with team from Alberta Canada. We have competed in the B Division of the games in past years.
    Will be staying at Virgin River, starting on Oct 6. If you need a extra player would love to play in some games before Huntsman.


  16. Looking to hook up with a 74 team for the Can/Am Tournament on Oct7-8 before playing in Huntsman.
    I play the outfield… good speed, good range, good defensive skills,
    line drive hitter to all fields with tournament experience.
    Call Nick @ 732-492-0494

  17. Turn 65 in sept retired from ups played third base will play any position have not played for years luv the game still can play a little just want to keep active would like to give it a shot I have friends I ride my motorcycle with but can’t do that all the time like team sports and hanging with friends

  18. I am a young 55 year old, retired, looking to play on a senior men’s team for senior tournaments. I can travel anywhere anytime. Already have a team for St. George Senior Olympics but would love to play any other tournaments. I play mostly 3rd but can play any infield position except pitch. Good at bat. I have played for 47 years. You can call me at 406-461-6250. I live in Montana.

    My wife is also a senior player 53 years old and could play tournaments. She can play any position including pitcher. Good at bat and has good speed. She also has a team for St. George. call her at 406-439-5146

  19. Am a 65 year old female looking for a tournament team. I have played for 40+ years and have played all positions. Currently I pitch, play 1st or 2nd, but can play 3rd or rover. I just love softball!

  20. I live in Mesquite

  21. I am looking to play on a women’s softball team. I am 64 years old and retired. I would like to try out for a team. I haven’t played in years but love the sport.I have played first base and outfield. If not at a position maybe a utility player. Thank You

    • Hi Pam,

      What city do you live in. Team managers will want to know.


      • Teri I would like to watch the softball teams play the 22 and 23rd. Can you tell me what time the game starts and what field do they play at. Thanks Pam

  22. Women’s 55 team looking for 2 players for the April 22-23 2017 Senior Games. In need of 2 outfielders or utility players.

    • I have played short stop and out field all of my life. I am currently not on a team. I last played on a co-ed team about seven years ago. If you want me to try out, please contact me. I love the sport. I have great hand-eye coordination.

  23. I would like to play in the MSG.I pitch,play 1st 3rd base average hitter,age 68.please call Al at 360 739 9898 cell only..MALE

  24. I am looking to be recruited. I am 52 year old female. I currently play on a 50+ team in Colorado. I play short-stop. I am a better in-field player than outfield player.

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