Softball – Find a Player or Team

  1. Hoping to play 60 or 65 division. Can play infield, outfield, pinch run. Still have pretty good speed 4 to 5 seconds from home to first.

  2. Looking to play in either a 50 or 55 team. I play basically and where but pitcher or catcher..

  3. Added by Gary from Comment on News page:

    Open 50+ women’s slow pitch softball Looking for a team to play with in mesquite. Can play any position, but short and 3rd.

  4. Good utility player excellent bat,wanting to join 60 or 65 for mesquite,

  5. Reply to: jbjtax1@verizon,net or 301-645-5745…..

  6. Just so you know, this is for the Mesquite Senior Games in Nevada. 🙂

  7. Are you on a team yet? We’re from the Seattle area & would like another player.

    • yea sure, what age group? I am 65 can play in 65 or 60 & 55. Patrick Sullivan 435-272-7798 listed above.

  8. Hi Pam,

    What city do you live in. Team managers will want to know.


    • Teri I would like to watch the softball teams play the 22 and 23rd. Can you tell me what time the game starts and what field do they play at. Thanks Pam

  9. I have played short stop and out field all of my life. I am currently not on a team. I last played on a co-ed team about seven years ago. If you want me to try out, please contact me. I love the sport. I have great hand-eye coordination.

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