Mon-Weds, March 26-28, Sun City Mesquite

$20 MSG Registration + $5 per event
– Deadline: March 12th

Please register at: PBT.com
– If entering Pickleball and no other events, please also submit credit card payment at PBT.com
– If entering Pickleball plus other events, send separate registration and omit $20 registration fee. Please add a note about Pickleball: Mesquite Senior Games Registration

Frank Garcia, 206-669-2683, frog-wash@hotmail.com

Directions: I-15, exit 120, north on Falcon Ridge Pkwy, right on Flat Top Mesa

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  1. Will there be singles competition in pickleball at the Mesquite Senior Games?

    • No – We have not offered singles for several years due to minimal interest.

  2. Will PICKLEBALL be by Age or Skilled avant?

    • Hi Roy,

      Pickleball is grouped by skill levels. You are welcome to contact the event director, Frank Garcia, with more questions. His email is: frog-wash@hotmail.com.

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