MSG Schedule

2018 Schedule

Basketball Skills: March 23
Bicycling: April 7
Bocce Ball: April 16-17
Bowling: April 20
Bridge: March 19-20
Fitness Hike (All Ages): March 10
History Tour (All Ages): March 17
Long Drive: March 8
Pickleball: March 26-28
Poker: March 15
Shotgun Sports: March 24
Softball, MSG Men 50/55/60: April 14-15
Softball, MSG Men 65/70/75+: April 11-13
Softball, MSG Women All Divisions: April 7-8
Softball, CAN/AM (Men):  Oct 5-Oct 16
Softball, Winter Classic (Men): Nov 28-Dec 2
Table Tennis: March 10
Target Pistol: April 7
Tennis: March 5-8
Track and Field / Weight Throws: March 24

  1. We hope to participate in your games in 2016.

    • We have registered for 2017; see you there.

  2. Where’s the table tennis schedule? We’ve got a good group in St George interested…Las Vegas has a good group of players as well. let us know how to get it going.

    • Hi Dan,

      We’ve talked about Table Tennis off and on. What it takes is someone willing to be the Event Director – who will find the venue, create the format, and direct the event. Once someone is willing to do all that and it’s set, we can add it to the games. Too late for this coming year – so maybe next year?


  3. Thank you for your positive reply. Does the Mesquite Rec Center have tables available , and are there any local players that you are aware of? Perhaps the Del Webb activity center has a contact? Any info you could provide would be a good start.

  4. Is it possible to purchase MSG t-shirts from prior years? I’d love to buy a 2016 and/or 2017 t-shirt(s).

    • Hi Melissa – Sorry, we don’t keep the extra inventory. Just too much to store! Be sure to get one of this year’s shirts before they’re gone!

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